About us...

A cordial hello to all our visitors!

We-that`s my husband Markus and I- engage ourself for a long time with this
wonderful breed- the Great Dane.

At the End of 2007 the renovation works on house and property were
completed and finally we could strive for our new family member.
We informed extensively, visited exhibitions and breeders, until we found
finally for us the perfect dog.

In August 2008 it was then so far and the small sugar mouse Warinia of Blue
Ground drew in with us.
Since this time she brings daily very much joy and fun into our life.

Since 2009 we visit with Warinia some different exhibitions, at which she and
above all we gain many experiences.

Warinia develops watching to a expression-strong and characterful dog.
Her affectionate nature and her completely special charm impress us each day

"Family photo" with
Little-Warinia, mother Evelina (lying) and half sister
Queen (standing)

In July 2009 our second four-legged family member drew
with us :-).

Our beautiful blue male Zamiro of Blue Ground.
Also he will accompany us in the future to the most diverse exhibitions.

These two magnificent dogs will become the foundation-stone of our breed.

We are sure: You´ll be enthusiastic of them, too!

About the further way of our dogs, like breeding permissions and exhibition
results we will hold you always up to date on our sides.


If you became curious about our dogs and us, then you take up contact with us- We look forward to your visit!!!
We wish you much fun on our homepage
Cordial greetings Tina and Markus Sauer