Dear puppy prospective customer,

I am pleased that you are interested in a puppy from my breed.

Before the introduction of the new family member naturally many unanswered questions in the area, but no concern stand…
I stand for you with advice and act gladly to the side.

Here some information to your faithful companion:

I strive to prepare each puppy in the best possible way for its future life.
Before a puppy moves to its new owners, it had already contact to other animals, like cats, small animals and naturally
also to children. The children of friends and acquaintance love handling the sweet little dogs.
Further he becomes acquainted with himself the most diverse ground undergrounds (grass, surface soil, stone, tiles etc.),
thus he in its new environment in the best way by right finds.
Also trips with the entire sweet gang stand on the flat whether now into the city, into the park or to the 3km
removed sea that is a giant fun, not only for the small ones- also for my entire family: -)!
Of course your puppy has VDH/KyDD papers, a microchip, inoculated, several times worm cure and has an
European Union domestic animal passport.
Since we are a registered breeder of the VDH, your puppy is insured further 3months after its removal still free of charge
with the DEVK liability.

If now the large day came, on which your puppy draws in with you, gets he still a few little things of me
also on its journey, like free fodder, little puppy sweets :-), a snug blanket, its favourite toy, a fodder/water station
and naturally collar and a line.

In the best way equipped with everything that your puppy needs for its further journey through life, it can move now
finally into its new home. I am sure me that you will enjoy with your puppy a wonderful time to spend and daily
about its development.

Here still some hints about nutrition, movement and education:


Your puppy gets dry fodder (Bestes Futter- Youngster), fresh meat (cattle,
poultry), noodles, potatoes or rice, hut cheese, as well as vegetable and fruits.
You receive an appropriate fodder plan naturally from me.
If you should decide however for another kind of feeding, inform please extensively
about the new fodder variant, arise so that with their puppy no deficiency
symptoms or such a thing. Take a any fodder conversion please only slowly
(best over 14 days) forwards, so that the gastro-intestinal tract of your puppy can
adjust itself slowly to it.
The puppies keep Luposan Gelenkkraft of this additional serve for the stabilization
of cartilage, chords and joints. They should Luposan Gelenkkraft at least for the
first 12 life months further-feed, since your puppy grows very fast, however the joints
and cartilages are still very soft. Thus I made very good experiences and my dogs to
grow beautifully evenly.
Zamiro & Warinia



If your puppy comes to you, it is sufficient perfectly, if it can move first times on your property freely.
Thus he learns also directly each corner of its new home know. Do not leave your favourite too many stairs increase this debited to its still very soft joints and bones would go.
Your puppy grows up to a large, stately dog despite everything is valid - no haste, less speed. You
should not do extended walks with your puppy. It will be too much for its joints and bones. As rule of
thumb you can count 1min. walk per life week.
Until for instance to 8. until 9th life month your puppy knew the largest growth phase. After this phase
you can expand the walks slowly .



If you are from the outset consistent with your new family member, because which it may
as a puppy, it becomes also as full-grown Great Dane do.
My dogs were allowed from the outset to go on the couch and so it is still today. That
is not everyone`s taste thus is it alone your decision, which you grant to your puppy or
also not: -). Not everyone would like to share its couch with a so large dog.
Point your puppy which place you it to the order from the outset place- a basket beside
the couch, a cushion beside your bed or something like that.
The Great Dane is a very faithful and affectionate companion and would most of all be
always, where you are. Make for your puppy from the outset clearly, as far he may go,
then nothing stands to a common, happy life in the way.

Warinia & Zamiro



The way to the dog school is none must, but it is a wonderful experience for your puppy, if it can rave with animals of the same species.
Respect with the selection of the dog school that there are dogs in its “weight class” there, thus it also after heart desire with its “friends” to rave can.

I offer a puppy- hour when desired weekly or every 14 days for my puppy buyers. Thus the contact remains long-term and you can exchange experiences.